What happens doctors wife eats an apple a day
An apple a day keeps the doctor away and when a doctor get married, his wife wants to keep him away, a doctor will always stay at the office, attending as many patients as possible, and making lots of money. Doctors wife sit at home and eats an apple a day!!! I wonder what […]

What happens when a doctors wife eats an apple a ...

leader or boss who is the best
BOSS is the word something feels a person who stands above the group who have the power to lead, rule, insist others to obey his orders. That create the feel of an office employee releationship. Employees will always look into the loopholes to find how to avoid work or how […]

Difference between Leader and Boss

kids are playing in the nature, great photography
Nature pictures are always interesting, the combination of nature and kids are more attractive, beautiful and eye capturing. You can see the magic of photography, the pictures will be perfect only by using the nature light, location, quality of camera, the timing and all. The most important thing is the sense of the photographer, […]

Kids are playing in the nature – Award winning photographs

pencil drawing
It seems that lot of students have such hobbies, to draw anything while they’re bored at class room. Some of them became famous artist. Drawing is a kind of expressing your feelings and boring lessons are true opportunity to get inspired to draw something unique. Here you can see some […]

Amazing pencil drawings

beautiful girl with red umbrella
When you feel that life is beautiful, which are the precious moments of your life. hope that you all got some moments like that, see this pictures and feel the power of happiness….

Life is beautiful, Live it with happiness