Amazing UnderWater Hunting Photos

kingfisher diving into ice hole
Kingfisher dones diving into the ice hole to catch fish

kingfisher hunting fish
Kingfisher under the water, snatching a fish, see the bubbles, amazing photography with a good timing
kingfisher flying with catched fish
Kingfisher flying out of the ice hole with 3 fish, mission successful.
The Kingfisher makes a perfect dive at 100 km/hr speed into the little frozen hole in Land Hessen River at Germany to catch fish for its food. This Amazing moments captured by the photographer Gisela Delpho / Picture Press with his high defenition camera. The water is cold and very clear, the beautiful bird cannot carry a big fish, so it catched 3 little ones and flying with them. This typr of birds can capture 80 small fish in a day, its really a king fisher, the king of fishermen. its main advantage is the wide wings, so it can fly better. any how thanks for the photographer for a nice beautiful amazing picture.



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