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great view of cochin Situated in the Ernakulam district, Cochin is the colonial name of Kochi is the most popular, most modern city and business capital of Kerala more over it is an attractive tourist destination with lots of unique places. The city has a strategic importance over the centuries is underlined by the nickname “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. Cochin can also be described as the Gateway of Kerala.

""Since a very long time ago, the Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch, andPortuguese have left memorable marks on the history and creation of Cochin. Over the years, Cochin has emerged as the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala and is considered as the second most important city on the west coast of India after Mumbai(Bombay).

chinese fishing nets at duskCochin is proud of its world class port, upcoming Vallarpadam International Container Terminal, Nedumbassery international airport that link it to many major cities worldwide, Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium (locally known as Kaloor International Stadium), and Cochin is famous for its many historical pilgrim centers. The upcoming Smart City project will change the face of the Cochin.

"CricketA number of islands in Ernakulam, most popular among them are man-made Willington Island, World’s most populated Vypeen Island, Cheriya Kadamakkudi, Valiya Kadamakkudi, Ramanthuruthu, Ponjikkara, Vallarpadam, Kumbalam, Panangad, Cheppanam, Nettoor, Pizhala, Kankattuthuruthu, Korampadam, Cheranelloor, Chathanadu,Chendamangalam. These islands are one of the important tourist attractions of Cochin.

cochin shipyardVolvo Ocean Race, touched the shores of Cochin on 30th November 2008 for the first time in Asia, in the race’s 35 year old history. The team enjoyed at Cochin and nearby tourisum destinations about two weeks time.

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  • Nining

    I’m beginning to wodner whether I know you in another avatar(even if its in the friend-of-a cousin-of-a neighbour-of-a- … form) ! This is perhaps the second (or third? ) time you’ve posted about a place owned by someone I know. I’m glad you did because I’ve never been there inspite of that. Definitely incentive enough to make sure I do the next time I go to Kochi.