Lock Heart Gap

Lock Heart Gap is best known for its panoramic views, beauty of its Western range of hills and its salubrious winds, is a location in Mattupatty, 13 km on the way to Munnar – Madurai National Highway. It is an ideal place for trekking and adventure tourism. The fresh mountain air, in-the-midst-of-clouds experience make it worthy of a visit. The valley below could not be seen as waves of wispy clouds have conquered the valley below and was hitting upon the mountain one after the another.

As we passed the Lockhart Gap, the other side of the mountain was filled with sunshine. Do go there for quiet, serene evening and the orange-ish-red sunset. The Bison Valley view is riveting. Snap it as many times as you can. The extensive Kundala tea plantations and the Kundala lake are nearby attraction.

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