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There is a number of other pilgrimage centers related to Sabarimala. Most of them are in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. Pathanamthitta is famous for its temples and corresponding fairs and festivals. Churches, temples and mosques exist side by side here with little friction.
Nilackal Mahadevar Temple : is one of the sacred spots for Hindu pilgrims to Sabarimala. Lord Shiva is the deity of Nilackal Mahadevar Temple is situated at Nilakkal, which is 5 km from Plappally on the Pamba-Pathanamthitta Road. Nilackal is 150 km away from Thiruvananthapuram.  Nilackal Mahadevar Temple is an intermediate halting area on the route ot Sabarimala, Vehicle parking facilities are there.
Erumeli Sastha Temple : presiding deity is Lord Ayyapa, located at a distance of 38 km from Kottayam, which is resered by both Hindus and Muslims. This place is home to Vavar, a muslim friend and commander of Manikanda.

erumeli vavar palliWhich is very rare place where the hindu muslim keeps unity on their worship in India. Erumeli is an important meeting place for the pilgrims to Sabarimala, so its called as Kochambalam. There is a mosque- Vavar Palli, located very near to the temple. The famous ceremony of Petta Thullal during the annual pilgrimage is a unique feature of this place. Belives that it is against the traditional dogmas where Pilgrimage going to Sabarimala without Pettathullal and worshiping at Sastha temple and mosque- Vavaru palli.

pandalam ayyappa templePandalam Valiyakoyickal Temple : According to the history, the King of Pandalam Rajashekaran, found a baby(Ayyappan) lying in the banks of river pamba. As the King had no childrens, the child was considered as a god-given gift and named Ayyappa. So the baby Ayyappa was brought up as a prince. So Sree Dharma Sastha of Pandalam Valiyakoyickal temple is Dharma Deva to the king of pandalam. One of the major events associated with the Makaravilakku festival is the procession of the Thiruvabharam (holy ornaments) of Lord Ayyappa from this temple. Chengannur is the nearest town and the railway station 12 Km away.

kulathupuzha sastha templeKulathupuzha Sastha Temple : is very ancient, the idol at Kulathupuzha is called “Manikantan”. It is believed that the Temple was constructed by the Rajasekara, King of Pandalam. But the idol was discovered by a Brahmin from Kottarakkara after several years and he started pooja there. The King of Kottarakkara heared about this and the constructed the present temple. Feeding to the fishes in the nearby river is an important vazhipadu in the Temple.

"AmazingAchankoil Sastha Temple : It is also known as Arachan, the temple is a sacred place of worship where pilgrims from Kerala and Tamilnadu come in group by group through out the year. According to legends the God gave “Darshan” to a worshipper who entered into a long term panance at Kandamala where the temple situated. The main festivals season, here comes during Mandalampooja. The nearest town and railway station is Chenkotta of Tamilnadu.

ariyankavu dharma sastha templeAryankavu Sastha Temple : The history behind the Ayyappa of Aryankavu is similar to that of Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha. The only difference between the two are that Sastha was brough up by the Pandi Raja of Madura and not the King of Pandalam. The temple is constructed about 35 feet below the road level. There is a beautiful waterfall known as “Palaruvi” in the dense forest area about 2 kilometres away from the temple premises. It is also believed that Ayyappa had relationship with Sourashtrans during his life at the palace of Raja of Madura. Even now Sourashtrans reach here in groups during the time of Mandalapooja. The temple situated 86 Kms away from Trivnadrum.

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