Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

"howPeriyar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest and most frequented wildlife reserves in India. This is the one & only wildlife sanctuary in India where you can have the amazing experience of watching wildlife at very close view from the safety of a boat on the lake. It is best known for tigers and huge population of elephant. Other animals that you can spot are gaur, wild boars, sambar, deer, bison, barking deer, wild dogs, lion tailed macaque, the nilgiri langur etc, occasionally you may be lucky enough to see a Tiger. Periyars wealthy bird life includes the Giant Hornbill, Cormorant, Darter, Osprey and Racket-tailed Drongo. There is also pythons can often be found around the ground and sometimes even King Cobras.

In Periyar Tiger Reserve there are 50 species of mammals, 263 species of birds, 35 species of reptiles, 10 species of amphibians, 30 species of fishes and 160 species of butterflies have been identified so far. The major flora in the park include the Teak, Rosewood, Terminalia, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Jacaranda (a hardwood timber tree with purple flowers), Mango, Jamun, Tamarind, Banyan, Pipal, Plumeria, Gulmohar and Bamboo among many others.

Enjoy the boat ride across the periyar lake and see the herds of elephants taking bath in the lake. you are still likely to spot a family of elephants, wild boar and Sambar Deer by the water’s edge. The upper deck is best for wildlife viewing and it is recommended that you turn up half an hour early in order to get the best seats. If you prefer, you can even rent your own boat and explore at your own leisure. The core zone of the park is not accessible to the tourists. The best time to visit Periyar Wildlife sanctuary is from the months of October and June. There is plenty to do at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and the range of activities are so diverse that you will find something for everyone whilst on your South India package tour.

You can explore Keralas beautiful Cardamom hills by jeep or taxi, go on wildlife, adventure and elephant safari to explore the park/sanctuary. It is an ideal destination for long nature walks, adventure trekking and camping, border hiking, bamboo rafting, jungle patrolling, visiting tribal heritage, and night camping in the forest.

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