Ramakalmedu abundant rolling grass hillocks and sloping meadows sandwithched between the border of tamilnadu and kerala, just 16 km from Nedumkandam, Thekkady- Munnar Road. Rolling green hills and the fresh mountain air make Ramakalmedu and enchanting retreat. The hilltop also offers a panoramic view of Tamilnadu towns of Kumbum, Theni, Kombe, Thevaram, Uthamapalayam, Bodinaykannor and Vaiga. The sight is even wonderful if you could stay there till dusk and see all these towns lighted. You may think “Thare Zamin Par” (stars in the ground).

Rama – kal – medu literally means “Land of Rama’s Stone” or “Land where rama kept his leg” (Rama the Hindu God and the epic Ramayana), as per many interpretations available. One story says that Lord Rama kept his feet at the tip of Ramakkalmedu to search Ravana the King of Lanka who abducted his wife Sita.

Ramakalmedu stands tall in the western ghats at a height of 3500 feet above sea level. This place is much better than the suicide points of Kodaikanal hills and Ooty. Here you can move upto the tip of the rock where you will feel yourself at the top of the world and a little fear. The eco system of the area largely comprises of grass land -Shola forest type which is laced by sporadic bamboo forests.
Speciality of the wind flow is another factor which makes Ramakkalmedu unique. Wind blows at a speed around 35 km per hour at Ramakkalmedu throughout the year irrespective of the season and time. You will have to experiance it to understand how much it will rejuvenate you. Abundant in wind, Ramakkalmedu is the second place in Kerala where a wind energy farm is installed. Currently the capacity is at about 12.5 MW.


The scenic beauty of Ramakkalmedu has attracted thousands of people including Famous Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio. Di Caprio has reportedly said about this place that “If there is a paradise on earth, it is here”. Two hills you can visit at Ramakkalmedu are located very near. One is the hill with the Ramakkalmedu stone and the other is the hill where Kuravan-Kurathi statue is constructed.

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